Vol. 3, No. 1; January, 2021

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From Isolation to Collaboration: Changing School Culture through Learning Communities
Jessica L. Devine, EdD & Christina M. Pavlak, PhD
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Overcoming Misconceptions in School-Based Sex Education. Insights from a Study on Female Orgasm Consistency
Arnold Hinz
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Strategies of Effective Teaching and Technology Using During COVID-19 Online Learning
Dr. Nazyktere Hasani & Prof. Asst. Dr. Hysen Kasumi
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Appeals and Corresponding Measures of Minority Culture Inheritance in Foreign Language Education in China–from the Perspective of Culturally Responsive Teaching
Xueping Li & Jianjun Yin
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Development of Nations in Asia vs. Social Policies: A Sociological Appraisal
Mohammad Taghi Sheykhi
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Methods of Attracting the Attention and Interest of Pupils and Students: Specific Communicative Techniques
Stamatis Gargalianos, Despina Kalaitzidou & Dimitra Tsiaka
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