Analysis of proactivity in university students and professors

Ana Rodríguez Martinez, Sonia Val Blasco & Alejandra Cortés Pascual


Proactivity is a necessary skill among teachers in the 21stcentury. The objective of this research is to understand and analyze the levels of proactivity among university students and teachers. A longitudinal study subsidized by the University of Zaragoza was carried out over seven years (2012-2019). A mixed methodology was used, including a quantitative study, in which a questionnaire was used as an evaluation instrument, and a qualitative study with three discussion groups. The sample included 717 participants (130 professors and 587 students) from 12 centers belonging to the five macro university areas. The results show that compared with no proactive people, proactive people are more positive, care more about the quality of what they do, are more entrepreneurial, and tend to expand their studies and accept their mistakes more easily.