Stewart Dugger Assessment for Learning 4.22.2020
Sarah Dugger & Dr. J. Gary Stewart


Formative and summative assessment scores from high school students in a rural high school in Middle Tennessee were examined to determine if a correlation existed between said scores. This study also examined whether summative scores increased or decreased after using a series of formative assessments. Students were given a pre-test, ten formative assessments, and a post-test at specified times over a ten-week period. Literature reviewed in this study reveals that more study should be done regarding this potential relationship. Data gathered indicated a statistically significant correlation between formative assessment scores and summative assessment scores. The data also indicated a statistically significant increase in summative assessment scores after using the series of ten formative assessments. While much study has been done on the subject of different types of assessment and student achievement, little has been done to actually correlate formative and summative assessment scores. With the proclivity of emphasis on data-driven instruction, both classroom teachers and administrators need to be able to effectively interpret available formative assessment data as it relates to summative assessment data. By doing this, gaps in learning as well as in effort may be preemptively identified and closed. The use of formative assessments is an effective method of increasing student achievement on summative assessments.