Marmara Three Stages Cognitive Decision Making Skills Development Model
Dr. Burcu DEMİRBAŞ NEMLİ, Prof. Dr. Sefer ADA & Doç. Dr. Zeliha Nurdan BAYSAL


The aim of the study is to develop a model to improve the decision-making skills of the fourth grade students. The research was carried out mainly two stages: In the first stage, literature review and the second stage, a model was developed. The model is named as “Marmara Three Stages Cognitive Decision Making Skills Development Model”. Purpose of the developed model to help the students to recognize the decision making process and to reach the result by using this process when they encounter problems. The model consist of three stages (learning, development, reinforcement). Each stage was prepared in four sessions based on a theme. Each stage deals with a different problem and the model was applied 12 course hours. As a result, all stages of the model include the same implementation steps and the same sessions. In each session, the same decision-making activities were performed respectively.