Lambotika: A Post–Surgical Remote Monitoring System by the Biotika® Biomedical Company
Sébastien Euphrasie, Laurent Note, Hala Jarjour, Jean Baptiste & Nadia Butterlin


Biotika® is simultaneously a double teaching module of the ISIFC engineering school and a non-profit company performing social–solidarity actions within the University. Via this innovative teaching module, which was founded in 2006, the students work in a biomedical company in quasi-real conditions and therefore with highly restrictive quality and regulatory demands. This article will focus on the quality management system in order to show how the ISIFC students develop their know-how and thus increase their skills just before they leave for internships at the end of their studies. Lambotika is one of the many projects developed at Biotika®. It consists of the design and creation of a system enabling the collection of signals from an apparatus monitoring the oxygen pressure of flaps of skin after reconstructive surgery, in order to make them accessible to the surgeon via smartphone and to generate alerts in the event of problems.