Vol. 2, No. 9; November 2020

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Using Literacy Connections to Build Classroom Community: The Story of a Teacher, Students, and Harry Potter
C. Lorraine Webb, Ed.D. & Robin R. Kapavik, Ph.D.
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The Environmental Scan Model for School Counselors
Laurie A. Carlson
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When SMEs fail as an economic source of income and employment: Evidence from Kuwait*
Talla M Aldeehani
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An Analysis of Noyce Scholar Personal and Professional Self-Efficacy
Regina Toolin, Ph.D. & Herman Meyers, Ph.D.
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Lambotika: A Post–Surgical Remote Monitoring System by the Biotika® Biomedical Company
Sébastien Euphrasie, Laurent Note, Hala Jarjour, Jean Baptiste & Nadia Butterlin
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The Resources Available at Home in Windhoek Urban Settings in Namibia And Their Implications for Early Literacy Learning at School
Dr Job Uazembua Hengari
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International Politics, The National Interest and Realpolitik: Examining the Relationship Between Foreign Policy and Human Rights
Ancietos Mwansa
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The Impact of Trauma-Informed Educational Support Groups on Increasing Self-Efficacy: Standing Together for Health in Malawi
Carol A. Minton-Ryan, PhD; Ana Gamez, PhD & Julie Goodman-Bowling, PhD
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