Vol. 4, No.1. January 2022

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Teaching the Value of Promising
Paul A. Wagner, Ph.D.
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Academic Language Development in Action: Building Teacher Capacity through the Development of Academic Language
Dr. Catherine Elise Barrett and Dr. Kimberly Smith-Burton
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Andragogy: The Common Thread in the Teaching of Adults in Colleges of Education, Criminal Justice, and Health Management
Dr. Grant J. Shostak, Dr. Larry Acker & Dr. Vanessa Vander Graaf
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Academic Stress in Kindergarten
Douglas Bell, Ph.D & Ethel King-McKenzie, Ph.D.
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Something Else—the Evolution of Faith-Based Opposition to Teaching Evolution in America’s Public Schools
Malcolm L. Cross
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An Analysis of How an Inquiry-Based Professional Development Informed the Instructional Practices of Science Teachers
Emily A. Jackson-Osagie, Ph.D.
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A How-To Workshop to Effectively Flip a Class
Peter T. Olszewski, M.S.
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Identifying impediments to the academic success, retention, and graduation of first-generation college students
Maria Claudia Franca, Ph.D., CCC-SLP & Otis Duncan, M.A.
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Mentoring Across Disciplines and Educational Levels
Christina L. Silva&Sarah M. Silva.
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